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Invest in Longevity With Cedar Post on Pipe

Cedar fences are one of the most popular fence styles, and opting for a post on pipe installation helps your investment last even longer— especially in the rainy Pacific Northwest. The cherry on top? All post on pipe fence installations come backed by a 10-year warranty.

  • Doubles the Fence’s Lifespan

  • Pressure-Treated & Clear Cedar

  • Prevents Rot & Insect Damage

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The Perfect Solution for Rainy Climates

Due to the soggy environment in the Pacific Northwest, we recommend post on pipe technology for long-lasting fences. We’ve noticed that standard pressure-treated posts don’t last as long, especially when post comes into contact with soil. When it rains, cedar posts in soil absorb water, rot, and can snap off in high winds. Opting for posts on steel pipes is the perfect solution to this issue.

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How the Post on Pipe Solution Works

In this new pipe solution, the wooden post is installed 2-3 inches above the ground. The galvanized pipe (on which the post is installed) goes into the ground about 2 feet deep and gets concreted in. The wooden part of the post does not come in contact with the soil. With a post on pipe fence, you’re investing in the future because they last twice as long!

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 What is cedar post on pipe, and why is it recommended in the PNW?

Since the Pacific Northwest has such a rainy climate, cedar posts that are drilled directly into the soil can absorb water and start to rot. Securing the fence post on a steel pipe allows the post to sit 2-3 inches above the ground while the steel pipe goes 2 feet deep into the ground and is concreted in. Cedar post on pipe is a fantastic solution that doubles the life of your fence.

 What add-on options do you offer?

We offer anti-dig options for homeowners with dogs who like to dig! Additionally, we can install gate arbors, stainless steel turnbuckles, board-on-board options, and clear cedar.

 Can I get an estimate online?

You can get an instant online estimate with our estimator tool. For an official estimate based on your specific project, reach out to us to schedule an on-site appointment. 

Do you use subcontractors?

 No! At Cool Cat Fence, we boast a fully in-house team of office administrators, sales representatives, and contractors. This unique benefit allows us to streamline our operations, and it also gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly who you’re working with at every step of the process.

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