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Anti Dig Fence: How To Keep Dogs From Digging Under Fence

Beagle dog sitting by the wooden fence

You’re not alone if you’re struggling with a furry escape artist who treats your backyard as their excavation site. It’s a common challenge many dog owners face. But don’t worry, securing your yard against those canine escape attempts is achievable, and it starts with understanding the “why” before jumping into the “how.” 

Let’s dive right in! 🐕

Understanding Why Dogs Dig Under Fences

Before you can effectively curtail your dog’s digging habits, it’s essential to understand the reasons behind them. Dogs dig for various reasons – it can be due to boredom, seeking comfort or protection, hunting small critters, or just their instinct. Identifying the root cause can inform the appropriate solution to keep your dog safely within your yard. 🧐🐾


When dogs are bored, they may turn to digging as entertainment. If your dog is left in the yard for long periods without much to do, they might find joy in creating holes. Providing toys, engaging in more playtime, and walking can mitigate this. Keeping them mentally and physically stimulated is key. 🎾🚶‍♂️

Comfort and Protection

Dogs sometimes dig to find relief from heat or cold or create a comfy spot to lie down. Providing shelter against the elements or a comfy outdoor dog bed can resolve this issue. Ensuring they have a space where they feel safe and comfortable is essential. 🏠🛏️

Hunting Instinct

If your yard is home to rodents or other small critters, your dog might dig to hunt them down. In this case, addressing the pest issue can alleviate the digging problem. Keep an eye out for signs of rodents, and take the necessary steps to make your yard less inviting for them. 🕵️🚫

Solutions to Prevent Dogs from Digging Under Fences

After understanding why your dog might be digging, the next step is implementing practical solutions to keep them from digging under the fences. No one wants to worry about their furry friend’s unexpected journey out of the yard. Here’s how to achieve peace of mind! 😌👍

Install a Digging Barrier

Adding a barrier to the bottom of your fence can deter even the most persistent diggers. One popular option is to attach a wire mesh at the base of the fence, extending it into the yard. 

When your dog tries to dig near the fence, they’ll be met with an obstacle, discouraging further attempts. Ensure the mesh is securely attached and extends at least a foot underground to be effective. 🔨🚧

While installing a digging barrier is a robust solution, it’s vital to opt for durable materials that can withstand the elements. Consider barriers resistant to rust and corrosion to ensure longevity. 

Remember, the objective is to install a barrier and ensure it remains effective over the years. Also, consider the aesthetics; some barriers can be installed in a way that is not easily visible, maintaining the visual appeal of your yard.

Bury the Bottom Portion of the Fence

Another effective strategy is burying the lower part of the fence underground. This can be done using concrete, rocks, or wire mesh. When your dog starts to dig, they’ll quickly realize escape is not an option, training them to abandon the effort over time. It’s a simple yet effective deterrent that works for most dogs. 🚫⛏️

Attach Wire to the Bottom of the Fence

An additional layer of security can be achieved by attaching a sturdy wire, such as chicken wire or hardware cloth, to the bottom of your fence. This reinforces the barrier between your adventurous pup and the world beyond your yard. Installing it to lie flat on the ground, extending into your yard, can be particularly effective. 

When your dog starts to dig, they encounter the wire instead of progressing toward an escape route. It’s an inconvenience that can quickly discourage the most determined diggers. Make sure the edges are buried or secured safely to avoid any injury. Safety first! 🦺⚠️

Use Dog-Safe Digging Deterrents

There are various products on the market designed to discourage dogs from digging. Sprays, granules, or even placing certain plants like rose bushes or citrus plants near the fence can act as deterrents. The textures and scents create an uninviting digging environment. 

Always ensure that the deterrents used are safe for pets, as your dog’s health and safety are paramount. Reading product reviews and consulting with a vet can offer additional insights to make an informed choice. 🐕‍🦺🌱

Provide a Designated Digging Zone

If your dog is particularly fond of digging, consider setting aside a portion of your yard as a designated digging zone. Fill it with soft soil or sand and bury toys or treats to encourage your dog to dig there instead of near the fence. It’s like a sandbox for dogs! 

You can save your fence and the rest of your yard from those enthusiastic paws by redirecting their digging instincts to an approved area. Be sure to praise and reward your dog for using this special area to reinforce the behavior. 🎁🏖️

Addressing Dog’s Needs and Behaviors

Understanding and addressing your dog’s underlying needs and behaviors is crucial in finding a long-lasting solution to their digging tendencies. Regular exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship can significantly reduce their desire to dig. Consider daily walks, play sessions, and even puzzle toys to occupy their mind and body.

In cases where anxiety or separation issues are the root cause of digging, consider seeking professional help from a vet or dog trainer. They can provide tailored strategies and solutions to address your dog’s specific needs and behaviors, promoting a happier, healthier pet, and consequently, a more secure yard. 

With patience, understanding, and the right approaches, the digging issue can be resolved, leading to a more peaceful coexistence with your furry friend. 🤗🐾

Keep Your Pets and Garden Safe with Cool Cat

Navigating the challenges of a dog keen on digging under the fence can be managed with the right tools and strategies. When balanced with attention to their physical and emotional needs, your backyard becomes your pet’s secure, enjoyable space. 

For more personalized solutions, contact our team at Cool Cat. We are dedicated to providing expert advice and services to enhance the safety and beauty of your outdoor spaces, ensuring they are a haven for both you and your furry friends! 🏡🐶💕


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